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  New England District

With over 90 churches located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont, the district overseas the denomination in the northeast United States.




ENCtranps Eastern Nazarene College


Located on Boston’s historic south shore, within walking distance of Quincy Bay, Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is a fully accredited traditional liberal arts college. ENC has about 1,075 students distributed across a traditional residential undergraduate program, adult studies, and a graduate program. ENC is known for its success in getting students into top graduate and medical schools and has a 100 percent acceptance rate for its students into Law School. While many faculty are active in publishing and research, and some are leaders in their fields, the emphasis is on the teaching and mentoring of students in a nurturing, spiritually informed, and academically supportive environment. Students are encouraged to travel, engage in service learning projects, and participate in praxis experiences as a part of their education. ENC is one of 160 members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).



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Reconciler  Click Here to purchase Reconciler

Written by our own Scott Galbraith and performed as a play at our church, Reconciler has been made into a movie. In this DOVE approved suspense film a man shrouded in mystery, known only as The Reconciler, gathers those who are estranged, angry, and distant from each other to see if they can reconcile before it’s too late. The film stars Roddy Piper (his first film released since his passing), Sherry Morris (The Book of Ruth), and Frank Cheisurin.

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