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Church Board News…

Henry Burden, Helen Deery, Jamie Fuller, John & Kristen Penney, Beth Restrick & Sam Kish are your 2019/20 church board. They have given attention to the leadership decisions of the church this year. They report all meetings have been held monthly in a businesslike manner. The minutes of these meetings are open to all. Our open meetings are held @ 7:30pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Anyone with a matter they’d like the board to consider may submit it in writing to our Church Board Secretary, John Penney. The next major matter for the church board will be their consideration of the transition team’s proposed profile for our next permanent pastor. Once the board has agreed to the parameters of the profile it will be relayed by the board to our District Superintendent, Reverend Ken Stanford. The search for candidates will then begin. Church members will hear all the candidates when they come to be interviewed by the church board. There will be a vote before the invitation is extended to the most suitable candidate. Pastor Andrew Paton and Carol have undertaken to stay until a pastor can be found.

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