SWN Looking for a Full Time Youth Pastor

SWN Looking for a Full Time Youth Pastor

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With a growing youth group we are looking for a full time youth pastor. This new position at SWN will have the Youth ministry as a primary role with a secondary role of Small Groups ministry.



The Pastor for Youth and Small groups (PYSG) is responsible to lead the youth ministry (6th grade to young adults) and lead the small groups ministry. To connect, care and encourage youth to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other through spiritual leadership and role modeling. This includes the development of programs, events, recruitment of volunteers and fundraising. Responsible for overseeing and administration of Small groups functions as well as assist with the recruiting, training, and coordinating of small groups leaders and hosts. As a part of the Staff and Leadership Team, the Pastor promotes small groups and facilitates the interaction and relationship between the youth and the congregation in general as well as youth participation in the church’s life and leadership.

Job expectations

The primary role for this position is to develop youth programs, including weekly youth group meetings, retreats and mission trips. Leading alongside volunteers, the youth pastor provides a forum for youth to learn about God in a fun and friendly way. The secondary role is to lead the small groups ministry.

Work in partnership with the Lead Pastor and staff to meet objectives, strategies and plans for the church’s small groups and youth ministry and as a whole. Function as a member of the church’s ministerial staff through participating in assisting with ministerial roles as needed by the team.  Able to think, plan, and act strategically and relationally. Focused on developing leaders and has a passion to help people grow personally and spiritually.

Essential Job Functions

  • Be an advocate for youth and educate the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of youth in the local church and community
  • Lead weekly youth activities. Prepare or provide Biblical instruction within the doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Function as overall leader of Youth Ministries, NYI Council, volunteer leaders and ministry direction.
  • Be involved in recruiting and training volunteers who work with youth and ensure adequate volunteer support and adult-to-youth ratios.
  • Be Youth Ministry representative and liaison at weekend worship services; including occasional preaching.
  • Be (or appoint) a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to youth and youth ministries.
  • Foster a strong, active network of small group leaders, group members, and individuals interested in becoming part of the church’s small groups ministry.
  • Plan and execute regular small group leader training and recognition events.
  • Create promotional materials and methods that ensure everyone at the church is aware of the small groups ministry area, its purpose and importance, and how to get connected.
  • Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.). Ensure communication with the Lead Pastor, church staff, leadership team, parents, volunteers and the congregation as a whole.
  • Work in concert with the gifts and talents of other staff members and maintain a teamwork mentality.
  • Ensure that the Child Protection Policy is observed in all youth ministry settings.

Education and Experience

Although experience and proficiency with Youth is expected, this position can be one that molds into South Weymouth Church of the Nazarene’s requirements, vision and goals. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in biblical studies or related field is preferred. (Extensive ministry experience, in some cases, can be substituted.) The successful individual will be a strong Christian leader with a solid work ethic and ability to administrate as a department head. A working knowledge of Microsoft Office or Pages, and social networking web applications is encouraged.

To Apply:

Please contact the church office at (781)337-2192 or go to jobs.nazarene.org